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This place is a dark alleyway that few people dare to pass.Just 5 minutes away from here is a big city filled with skyscrapers,however lose your way and you end up at a place like this.I've heard that bad guys come down this alley often.Today I've finally arrived.Whoops, I forgot to introduce myself.My name is "Tap Fighter", hero of justice and punisher of bad guys.
* How to playTap the screen to attack in that direction.Attack the bad guys that come running at you by timing your taps.Max the combo gauge located at the top right of the screen and press the "SP button" to unleash a SP movement.You become invincible when you enter SP modeYou receive coins depending on the amount of enemies you defeat.Use the coins you've earned to unlock even stronger weapons.
Oh uh, it looks like I've been spotted.Well then let's go teach these bad guys a lesson!